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The effect of heart disease and diabetes on intimacy

Today we will talk about a very important topic for men, which is the effect of heart disease and diabetes on their intimate relationships Part of the problem is that quality of care is not routinely measured and reported by gender. Conventional methods of measuring quality of care focus on …

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Tips for marital happiness

Today couples in trouble. How to interpret it is having after myself also this trap doubles describe: couples where love is dead, omnipresent, but where the partners are still together? Major current problem is difficult to abide, by agreeing to give up part of his freedom. Today a simple inconvenience …

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My husband does not listen to me what is the solution?

Kind of satisfaction If the sensation is repeated misunderstanding indefinitely in our relationship, or in different relationships to bear, it is always a sign that played something for us, and we are not for nothing in what we can complain. “We find some sort of satisfaction, decrypts Valery Blanco. The …

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Causes of infertility in women

After 12 to 18 months to marry without having, despite the regular marital relationship and the absence of any method of contraception, the causes of infertility may be different. Know the following menu to more than 6 patterns common to infertility in women, such as ‘top health “: 1 age …

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Social networking sites marital relationship

We use today are the different types of online social media to connect with us: Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that exist everywhere in society, but new research suggests that using many types of social media on the Internet could damage relations, has permeated by indolence, inhabitants per house talk …

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Some tips for happy married life.

In the past, marriage is a life, and indeed, in many countries still existing legislation to protect women against divorce, but also get rid of the social and economic obstacles, and marital cohabitation is no longer bound by brutal force from the wife, but may be good to face life’s …

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The benefits of exercise in the morning

  The benefits of exercise in the morning. -Until this moment the issue of clock time for exercise is still a good discussion between the perpetrators of physical fitness. As a result the majority think of exercise in the morning was much simpler in comparison with exercise in the afternoon …

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The characteristics of healthy pregnancy proper.

These are some of the ways you do for health care in all parts of the physiological condition, among other things, from dietary intake, and avoid dangerous habits such as smoking. But generally it does not guarantee every physiological your case goes successfully. Even so, they do not got to …

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The medical examination before two weeks of birth.

As your requirement, you can make it more fragile, you want to be left in the hands of professionals. All with round belly, remove or get your feet can quickly become real distress. The best time to enjoy the treatment of the Institute lies probably in the second quarter, I …

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