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How to prevent your children from porn in the teens?

The best site visitors from fathers and mothers today, our topic is very thorny and sensitive, as we will talk about ways to prevent teenagers from engaging in sexual intercourse so that they do not fall in vice.  If there’s a gap in time from when she comes home from …

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What to do to help adolescent girls?

First, we must recognize that we have to work at the level of the whole of society, not only in the health sector, where adolescent health remains untapped and uninterested. Recently, the World Health Organization launched a global strategy for women’s and children’s health and the teenager, who, for the …

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Your kids and various vaccinations against viruses

Sometimes it looks like a list of vaccinations your child needs is just longer and longer. Measles? Check., chicken pox? Choice. Hepatitis a and b? Yes, that too. But there is a vaccination, many children are missing on:. Vaccine human papillomavirus (HPV), which is recommended for girls from 9 to …

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Way to educate your child sexually

The love for children and his desire to explore things on sexual development, maivaga parents and them a confusion that is tinged with shame. An old question restored with the birth of every child, including when to manhood or womanhood. No words alone! It could be embarrassing for parents, but …

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Your child and technology addiction

Technology addiction is less dangerous than alcoholism or drug addiction, if this harmless for adults, let alone children, this is confirmed by a study of the Brazilian Institute of technology technology modern/Nova tech/youth addiction has described the global problem. Online The most dangerous thing is that children in communion with …

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How you treat your child deposit?

With the start of the new school year do you expect reach your child Excel you want, but surprise that the first missed test them or did not get good grades. How you act with your child in this situation? We will take you to the treatment your child deposit …

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Do you want a creative kid?

Parents  Cares about often child obtained notes and they measure only the scope of superior intelligence, while one of the most important goals of education is to produce innovative entrepreneurs and members are explorers and creators, how to develop the creativity of your child without impact on the school level? …

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Punished your children without violence

Some parents may be tempted to punish children to use spanking and screaming without success, children and cruel could cause devastating psychological problems for the personality of the child, some studies have shown that children who have been sanctioned by harsh methods are more vulnerable to the behavioural disorders among …

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Ways of communicating with your teenager

At first, I would like to mention that my opinion after having experimented with my son who lived through adolescence safely thanks to God I wanted, it was reported that experience for the parents to let the flag of advantage. Putting featured teen burst, angry, emotional tension and disagreements with …

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