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Tips for caring for your first child

Distinguished Ladies, Visiting our humble site today, I will talk about a very important topic, especially for the women who gave birth for the first time and how to care for your first child. Follow us to benefit   Taking care of a newborn is a difficult task for anyone. …

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Health care for pregnant women

Our topic today is about taking care of the health of pregnant women and we will talk about important things for pregnant women Follow us to take advantage of it. Pregnant women who abuse controlled substances, including alcohol, or are injection drug users may receive priority admission to appropriate services …

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Tips for pregnant woman

There are not only of gynecologists and midwives who can trace the woman pregnant, practitioners also. Enjoy! Nine out of 10 GPS believe that follow a pregnant woman who is not in jeopardy, an integral part of their work. Study the Directorate of research, studies, evaluation and statistics. General practitioner: …

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Baby food teething period

If you did not prepare your meals yourself before, we can help you with traditional recipes, easy and quick to prepare, worthy of children aged 4 to 9 months or more. Apple puree ‘4-6 months. Ingredients: Peel two potatoes, beet and then put them in a saucepan, cover with water …

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The signs and symptoms of pregnancy

We will give 10 symptoms asserting as evidence of pregnancy Low body temperature Lower body or what is known as low planting is an expression of the degree of basal body (measuring degree body temperature during rest) referrer to Zahir planting means instilling a fertilized egg in the uterine wall …

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What kind of massage suitable for pregnant women?

  Pain in the back and legs women suffer heavy weight. Might be tough for expectant mothers, body and soul with they know in unrest in 9 months, there could be a massage in healthy ways.. Even if they are willing to help them establish first contact with their children, …

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Keep your beauty after birth

We often find mothers complain about the difficulty of regaining fitness and fitness after the birth and we talked about the following article “title back in shape after childbirth and mothers put us way back to their fitness as they were before pregnancy and childbirth. Today, Madam, we will provide …

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Proper diet for pregnant women

Pregnancy every woman, security natural physiological changes that occur to women during pregnancy need special care tips that you need for good nutrition in the last months of pregnancy. Pregnant women need good food and variety of good food here means that some believe that pregnancy means eating large amounts …

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Some exercises for pregnant women

For pregnancy pregnant exercise useful exercise them sport the best friend of a healthy pregnancy and healthy as they make a pregnant woman feel fresh and sparkling, it helps to control weight and prevent anxiety and helps improve breathing and return to normal weight after childbirth, and talk about the …

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