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Children with severe and multiple disabilities

Youre entitled to pursue for a disabled child requiring extraordinary care: you are eligible for assistance for children and supplement for handicapped children
You have in your care for a child under 18 years of age with persistent deficiencies or specific disorder mental functions that cause severe and multiple disabilities prevent him from achieving an independent lifestyle for children of his age. Featuring mental function condition known from severe or profound intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder associated with mental disabilities and serious behavioural problems

Eligibility age

Deficiencies, and the child is eligible from the age of 2 years.

In the case of a condition known mental functions, and the child is eligible from the age of 4 years (the age corresponding to the beginning of attendance from kindergarten age when developing adequate child psychiatry realizes all his habits independently).
CHOW? Hears is “lifestyle”

If your child is assessed on the basis of ability to perform independently the following lifestyle of a child:

Personal care
The movements

Children in need of complex care at home
You are entitled to a supplement for handicapped children require special attention if:
You are eligible for assistance for children and supplement for handicapped children
Health status of the child under the age of 18 required to manage complex medical care at home
Who has been trained in a specialized center in advance to master specific techniques to use equipment required

I was able to answer all the change in clinical status for your child can be a danger to his life.
Your child is eligible under the criteria of the hyperlink will open in a new window.

What is “complex medical care • home»

Home care medical complex that are recognized as part of this extension are:

Respiratory care complex, mechanical ventilation and are non-invasive positive pressure air phase in binary (with BIPAP) or related bronchitis care with or without invasive mechanical ventilation
Complex food care, intravenous nutrition
Complicated cardiac care, intravenous heart recessionary management
Renal care complex, peritoneal dialysis

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