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Tips for Parents of others good

Adolescent crisis with Allahabad lengthened the period of the crisis , making it difficult to solve, and this is worrying in particular is a combination of a number of symptoms (of school failure, sadness, withdrawal).
If, for a period of 6 months, your teenager does not leave his room, not his friends and finds herself failure at the school, so there you have to ask questions and see it then, you can go very quickly.
school failure and redundancy and that annoying they cause the loss of classmates, so the early socialization. ”
How can we explain that in the family, make at the age of adolescence crisis and does not have a brother or sister?
“in general, this is the smartest and most sensitive is to be able to carry her family tensions, and thus protect the rest of the family. So instead of looking at it is a rogue, it can be seen as a protest, and the “revolutionary” in an attempt to understand what the question, interesting and raised questions. Teenagers are very sensitive to the psychological state of their parents. If you feel that the couple goes wrong, that her parents are very work, and will, through its symptoms, and reject this kind of life, and therefore, in the process, ask questions about the true meaning of life, love in the couple, and happiness … ”

? What about adolescence crisis in stepfamily
“is more complex because the crisis” normal “is the additional space problems, it has invented. For example, when it was found a large trainees in the stepfamily. In general, there is still, as if the parents emotional balance, and children to adapt to found and are going well. But
if you did not accept the new life of the mother and not the other, or separation between the couple, and there is a good chance that the young man to be taken hostage in the conflict between the former couple. When a young person is in a crisis with his stepfather or stepmother, you must make sure that the other parent does not speak ill of a person. More generally, if the destruction of the couple, parents need to build a parental couple must respect and loyalty that experience of children from their father and mother … required the teen to participate for up to choose between his father and is put his mother in a loyalty that could hurt him just struggle. ” a
final word for our readers?
” It must avoid the pitfalls two:
to believe that this crisis is the end of the world
believe that it does not matter and that things will get better on its own

for 80% of teenagers, all goes well, so do not now, imagine the worst. .. But we must remain vigilant for signs of distress and potential ( a combination of many of the symptoms and duration).
Please note that the more noise and solve crises If approved by parents that everything is understood continued to try to do it is to say, without giving adolescence. It ‘s just that everyone can experience and say that everybody did his best in a difficult situation for all


However, what parents can do while trying to understand and adapt to maintain form of consistency. If you’re the family rather than the “standard, overnight, you become too lax, the teenager will lose their bearings, and he didn’t understand anything. But if you insist that there are no “good parents.” this term means that you have a clear picture and previews of your turn. Then you would probably miss teen reality. To become bad parents

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