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Pregnant mother and protect fatty skin

After that you were pregnant, you may begin to see many changes in your skin. You may see changes such as a sudden glow on your face or pinkish, reddish streaks on your stomach. Not every pregnant woman suffers all skin changes zathaanma changes vary from Lady to another but in all cases there are changes to the carrier .

Stretch marks one more Lady and skin changes occur that can arise during pregnancy. You will experience a nearly 90 per cent of pregnant women, stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear as pink or reddish streaks running down the abdomen and/or breasts.
What can I do?

It has been said the practice and application of preparations containing vitamin E and alpha hydroxy acids to help prevent stretch marks. These remedies have not medically proven to have a direct impact on stretch marks, but it never hurts to try.
If you find that nothing works for you, take comfort in knowing that these strips will fade to faint lines silver after birth.
Pregnancy mask what is it?

“Mask of pregnancy” also referred to as Melasma wetshlosma. Melasma causes speckled dark stains showing up in your face. These spots appear on the forehead and cheeks are the most common, and are the result of hyperpigmentation.

When you become pregnant, your body produces more hormones, leading to hyper pigmentation. About 50% of pregnant women show some signs of “mask of pregnancy”.
What can I do?

To prevent the “mask of pregnancy” happens to you, you should wear a good sunscreen at least 15 SPF whenever you plan on being outside. You can also wear your favorite ball cap to protect your face from the Sun.
The skin is very sensitive, and exposure to sunlight increases the chances of these black spots that appear on your face.
What is the pregnancy glow?

When you are pregnant your body produces 50% more blood, resulting in more blood circulation through the body. This increase in circulation causes your face to be brighter.

Your body produces too much of the hormones that cause your oil glands to work car, leaving a shiny face. All these things can lead to “pregnancy glow”
What can I do?

If your skin becomes very oily you can use an oil free cleanser to clean your face. Otherwise, do nothing but smile!
Pimple and acne what is it?

If you have a problem with acne already, your acne may become more irritated during pregnancy. Excess body hormones cause your oil glands to secrete more oil, which can cause breakouts

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