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Some exercises for pregnant women

For pregnancy pregnant exercise useful exercise them sport the best friend of a healthy pregnancy and healthy as they make a pregnant woman feel fresh and sparkling, it helps to control weight and prevent anxiety and helps improve breathing and return to normal weight after childbirth, and talk about the positives of practice exercise moderately after consulting a doctor for long pros and most important of these are the following :

Sports active muscle helps to prevent back pain and swollen ankle and the appearance of varicose veins, it speeds up your circulation and soothing back muscles and helps reduce fluid that collects in the ankle and foot.
Practice of light exercises like walking just for 30 minutes four times a week helps to get rid of unwanted kilograms.
Useful tips for exercise:
-Exercise is a good way to maintain your health and fitness during pregnancy and her neck and back exercises.
-You have a snack rich in carbohydrates such as bananas or carrots or Donuts an hour before you exercise, you need energy to offset what might lose it.
-You must avoid doing exercises that require balance, because the center of gravity, you have not.

Tips you should follow:

1. take the time to prepare yourself for the rest:
Before exercise, prepare yourself for 10 minutes and 10 minutes to rest then; now you need more time to return your breathing and your heart to their rate.

2. wear a sports bra:
They provide support to your chest that has become bigger, the chest will also help to maintain its shape.
3. stop if you feel dizzy or tired or nausea:
Remember, you’re practicing how to preserve your energy and you’ll understand the needs of your body and know when you should stop.

4. drink lots of water:
There is always a risk of dehydration during exercise so you’ll drink a glass of water before you start another Cup in the middle of rehearsing and a glass when you’re done.

5. don’t play out in hot or humid atmosphere:
In these circumstances, if you raise your body temperature from inside that might expose the fetus at risk.
6. do not practice exercises and you’re lying on your back after the third month:
You may press the fetus and womb on essential blood vessels, which lowers your blood pressure.

7. do not practice the exercises if you feel difficulty in breathing:
You should be able to make an entire conversation while working out, and if you’re not able to speak and you are practicing, you’ll slow down.

8. do not use the sauna:
Because the heat in the sauna interior and body temperature may raise fetus at risk

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