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Techniques and tips for men hair removal

Temporary hair removal method

As the name suggests, the temporary hair removal requires regular maintenance.



It”s perfect, because this is the most precise instrument. However we can not use the large surface, this is the best option (the face or hair in other parts of the body shell.

Shave the lawn mower

The most classic of the tool, but this has proved yourself. Note, if the mower may easily use razor hafezon in addition to the experts.

Hair removal cream

Cream Hair Remover, even melted without pain. The razor and intend to grow fast. This is the barber shop the sensitive region, but take care the use of the damaged skin inflammation development, be punished.


In dealing with the experts on the prevention of unnecessary harm. Usually such as hot wax hair removal is more effective, less pain, cold wax. Trim a bit before it won”t be long hair, not pulling at. If you have doubt in this hospital, the best practice of poetry.

The electric pilateur

The not afraid of pain… My hair hair removal machine with a rotary clamp. And the hair. The strongest and most painful is one of our region, such as the use of small time.

Note: when using the products, do not forget that you mean specification for 24 hours before the test, to avoid allergies.

Method for permanent hair removal

This method requires treatment, several times in the intervening weeks is a quite effective method. Preferably use a doctor (skin) in practice.

The pulses of laser light.

Laser hair removal (more) or light pulse to destroy the hair roots under lights. This leads to the destruction of melanin, the hair color. “It”s more effective, avoid tanning or dark hair and dark skin. We”re in the hair, then technology the cooling or anaesthetic cream and reduce pain.

Electrical / lectrolyse

Electric hair (not to be confused with the electric hair removal device) needle is convenient to destroy his piles of electricity (or naked through electrolysis. Is boring, do not allow a large surface

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