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The impact of external factors on your skin

The health and appearance of your skin are key components of your overall health. When the skin is in good condition, it protects the body against bacteria, viruses and regulates temperature. And it is in good condition, she looks comfortable, moist skin.
Many internal and external factors affect skin health and appearance. For example, due to change the skin barrier, skin allergy is more likely to scutanees as a reaction to the healthy skin. We have no control over some of them, but we can affect others. Delicate skin helps keep your skin healthy and longer maintain his youth


Hormones and changes in level, can have a big impact on the skin:

Hormonal changes can lead to Acne during puberty.
During pregnancy, the hormones can increase the production of melanin hyperpigmentation and trigger form, called Melasma.
Lower female estrogen levels in the biological aging process, especially after menopause. Estrogen has a beneficial effect on the skin’s moisture balance. When the level drops, the structural changes and atrophy of the skin associated with aging
External factors
Many outside factors can affect skin health. These factors in our environment, our health and our options

In skin, free radicals are generated mainly by UV. Under normal conditions and reduce exposure to UV radiation, the skin defense mechanisms are more or less able to deal with these attacks. However, if it continues exposure, weaken these mechanisms. The skin becomes more sensitive and more prone to skin problems. Exposure to unprotected sunlight for several years of chronic injury causes resulting from the Sun, and with it, premature aging of the skin. UV can be dangerous, particularly for very sensitive skin. In fact, it penetrates the skin barrier more easily (and its amendments) and sensory fiber may exacerbate excessive skin

Chemical products

The skin is naturally slightly acidic, with a pH of 5. Harsh detergents (such as sodium lauryl sulfate also or moisturizer that alkaline pH) overtax natural caching capabilities of skin and damage cells and change the function of barrier protection for the surface layer of the skin. The skin can then be dried and became rampant hypersensitive or skin some periods of problems such as atopic dermatitis or susceptible llalordeh.
Some chemical peels have a similar effect. It is important to consult a dermatologist to check whether a particular procedure is suitable for your skin.

Some people are particularly affected by chemical products:

• Toddlers and older: young and mature skin less resistance. Activity of the sebaceous glands are not fully developed or began to decline. Discover more information on the page relative to the skin at different ages.
• Persons who are exposed to chemicals in the workplace: hairdressers and Masons and workers, for example, regular contact with detergents, solvents, lacquers and paints. All these substances are harmful to the skin

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