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The best mix for dry hair

Hair combines elements of nature and the health of your hair, go use and obtain the best results.

Mix bananas with milk and honey: two bananas in a blender, chop and add 2 tablespoons coconut milk India a tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients in a mixer type and then do it properly on your hair for 20 minutes and take a shower after shampooing.

Lawyer and vinegar to disguise:-in a pill lawyer Blender crush and add a spoonful of olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar. Mix the ingredients and make it properly on your hair for 15 minutes and then with water and shampoo wash.

Watercress and Castor oil mixture: for this recipe, mix a tablespoon of castor oil with one tablespoon of honey. And then my mixture on your hair for an hour. You can give this application the mixture once a week.

Shea butter mixture: Use 3 El Shea butter fondue fun. with a spoon gluteal Vera gel lower. Stir the mixture well until it becomes solid and laminated on your hair for half an hour. Then wash thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.

Bananas and almond oil: a small banana with a few drops of almond oil in a bowl and mix well. Then this layer of the mixture on your hair for 15 minutes and wash your hair after the time runs out.

Mix mayonnaise: you need a full Cup mayonnaise to get cream through the hair from the scalp to the ends. Then put a plastic cap and leave it for an hour. Wash your hair after shampoo and hot water

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