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Tips followers to care for the baby

As I promised in the previous article about baby care will complete the rest of the baby care picture in that article, keep with me:
Baby massage
It is known that massage is one of the tools that help us get rid of trouble and thinking about everyday problems and make us feel relax and massage influence on body and psyche.
And we heard several recommendations from doctors advise mothers to use massage as a way to soothe the baby because of its many benefits for children.
Here are the key benefits of baby massage in addition to massage steps and methods:

The massage strengthens the mother’s relationship with her by communicating via touch, where the child feels warm and near his mother and interest, and studies have shown that physical contact between mother and child helps brain cells to grow properly and this is very important in the first few months so that the brain is growing rapidly in the first year of the child’s age.
Massage also facilitates better digestion, and finds the baby and easy to relax and sleep, children having an awesome massage suffer less from colds and diarrhea and also massage works on reducing greenhouse gases.
Massage plays a big role in the physical development of the child and helps each Member to grow stronger through body movements and impart more flexibility. In addition to its role in regulating breathing when child skin the largest members of the human body and is rich in nerve cells, helping to regulate massage breathe better.

The basics of baby massage
You Ma’am following these steps, learn massage methods to provide the best care for your child:
-Choose the right time to massage your baby without bothering anything, try to avoid baby massage before or after food.
-That the morning of the best massage periods where mother and baby in the best cases, the massage in the evening’s importance in helping the baby to sleep.
-Massage your child’s body from 15-20 minutes away, and watch your baby’s interaction with your touch.
-Give yourself a specific place for massage on a daily basis, be sure to put the baby up soft towel on the back of the massage the front first and then back.
-Room temperature must be suitable and warm enough, and prefers to talk with children singing him with some soothing music that will make him enjoy his massage and feel relax.
Newborn requires less time than a massage, while a child needs for the first few months longer.
Baby massage oils

Of the best oils used for massage are natural oils:
(Edible oils such as grape seed oil – pure almond oil – vegetable oil with the addition of a drop of lavender or vanilla or lemon)
As you acquire special oils for massage baby skin thin taking care not to contact with his face and head.

Baby massage method steps

-Warm little oil and grease your hands.
-Clear your child’s arms, and then to wipe the baby’s chest.
-Gently massage the abdomen from right to left, using one hand after another.
-Ghalghli your fingers in the abdomen from left to right and from top to bottom.
Wipe your hands on your legs with foot massage it gently, then raising the knees towards the abdomen and wait for a few seconds and then repeat the experiment.
Back rub back and forth and then from shoulders to feet
To soothe your baby while his crying, follow the following ways very
That crying is a baby’s way of communicating, when babies cry either is hungry or thirsty or dirty nappy or bellyache or tired and maybe he feels the heat or cold and often misconstrued crying baby that boredom or boredom which makes us start to pet him and play with him and this motivates continued his crying.

The signs of fatigue are jerky movements with a sobbing and screaming once you see signs off you should try to put the baby to bed and quiet atmosphere with gently shake and go right to sleep.

If your baby is crying and crying so hard make a shake with constant movement, this method will make the child feel comfortable and calm, put him in the swing or rocking chair or you can carry in his arms to feel safer.

You can take your child for a drive, and you’ll notice that it will calm down quickly just to walk around the car, constant movement will feel your baby comfortable and get him to stop crying and sleep.

Try to whisper to him during his crying, calm and nice and talk continuously it will feel comfort and reassurance, and maybe he’ll be quiet to listen to your voice that loves him and gives him comfort.
Newborn needs

Does your child grows well?

The child development a constant concern for mothers, don’t compare your child with other children’s different growth rates and the best way to control the growth of your baby’s doctor so he’ll tell you your child’s growth as a smile, crawling and paying attention and only then make sure that your child is growing normally.

Why a child with diarrhea?

Multiple causes of diarrhea in children, notably the mother’s reluctance to feed from the breast and its reliance on artificial feeding, or not to use a pacifier or bottle cleaner “albrzash” without observing it clean, boil it with water, and not to change the milk bottle at each feeding.

My baby come out black feces?

We hear a lot of mums with horror, my baby come out black stools is that normal, or what?
Yes it is normal where the color of baby Ruth at first black gooey it produces residual impurities and secretions that accumulate during pregnancy.

My baby in his early days is decreasing rather than increasing weight?

The body of a child at birth contains extra fluids so children may lose 10% of their weight during the first days after birth and this is normal so quickly lost weight are compensated and gain more weight after the tenth day of birth

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