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Baby food teething period

If you did not prepare your meals yourself before, we can help you with traditional recipes, easy and quick to prepare, worthy of children aged 4 to 9 months or more.

Apple puree ‘4-6 months.
Peel two potatoes, beet and then put them in a saucepan, cover with water workshop, cinnamon ” consult a pediatrician before using cinnamon or any kinds of spices in baby feeding”, then add a little crushed oatmeal and boil the mixture until it becomes soft and don’t forget to move at any time during the boiling process and then anchliha and crush a Maul. until the mixture becomes softer and use the rest of the water to relieve stiffness applesauce, you can also add the grain if you want to make a mix more solid and sprinkle click the small dish of oatmeal.
Rice “Jerry” 8-12 months
A quarter Cup of boiled rice potatoes with salt, workshop, alkornkl pills.
Method of preparation:
Mix the rice after cooking some potatoes mashed up to society, wekoriha even resemble small mouse with your hands and put them in the dish and the formality of pearls pink eyes and mouth.
Milk with Cranberries-8 months
Put a minimal amount of milk with cranberry juice, which is enough sugar, bring on the fire and add some corn starch and; even boil and hold together a little, then add a few berries cool and wet and the boys in jars and Zen

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