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Social networking sites marital relationship

We use today are the different types of online social media to connect with us: Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that exist everywhere in society, but new research suggests that using many types of social media on the Internet could damage relations, has permeated by indolence, inhabitants per house talk together via SMS and voice messages without having to move from his place to the other and started a lot of ladies suffer of serious these means, so that the relationship with their husband in a few letters and expressive faces today.
Become a Facebook everywhere over the past decade, with the advent of smart phones and video chats and a host of integrated social networks services now allow couples to communicate via Skype and ‘ efforts and they are in the same room, which allows them to ignore each other in physical presence, noting that estimates that Facebook activities contribute at least 20% of divorces , has revealed that there are some studies indicate that married couples who use social media frequently between them without unsatisfactory.
And a lot of social media can Rob couples shared time and reduce the feeling of empathy and closeness and trust between them, as can increase anxiety and more self promotes frustration.
3And for those who suffer from apathy and the tension in the relationship of marriage as a result of this technology, there are several options that can help them to renew their emotional and get away a little bit of modern means, including:

1. Select the day of the week to sit down together without broker and phones.

2. leave to spend several days in a resort town and leave all electronic devices at home.

3. opening in the sense that something is threatening the conjugal relationship.

4 stop talking through instant messaging programs.

In conclusion, better prevention than cure, so I do not recommend laziness to talk to your partner face to face so you don’t develop your relationship to become expressive symbols and text messages just lacked real passion, it was said in Proverbs: “Baraka”, it is not necessary for lounging

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