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When your baby begins to crawl?

If your baby has reached the age of 7 months, didn’t crawl yet, is there a reason to worry? Consultant shows that all analyses in children
Analysis of the baby process may seem simple and easy, but this childish activity need a lot of preparation until the child becomes able to move one centimeter and most healthy during this stage children once they learn to sit right and then takes them a curiosity to explore the world around them they rush to move.
Crawling, baby starts from the sixth month for the ninth month in the age of the child in general and is a product of evolution in the region between line of void ears of the child, but this does not mean that the child does not scan before market has a default evolutionary, because the need of the child for weeks of gathering strength to lift his belly on the floor the first attempts to crawl as he leads with his swimming arms movements, his arms are stronger than his legs, and is the reason for which many children crawling on their arms, then rush forward, the child may, in the first attempts to crawl to the rear.
Crawl and vary from one child to the child, some crawling sitting on their funds to other crawl roll, while others were crawling, crawling track way feels the child self-utility the way that facilitates its fast moving.
And don’t worry if your child is late March or start ramp, some children are quiet, others focused on the speech first and some of them are learning to walk straight without practice crawling, you only have to try as much as possible get your child back and sleeps on his stomach who supervise him a full supervision of fear he is suffocating.

-Care must be taken
Before reaching the baby crawling stage parents pointed out certain procedures that ensure the safety, such as: cover all electrical outlets and soft obstacles placed on the tables and chairs, pointed Hat brims and closing drawers and cupboards and ensure that tools of regular room such as libraries, carriers and make sure that there are no strings or strings can be up to her child , and then clean the floor buttons and small pieces of metal cup monetary games similar materials can the child tries to swallow it

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