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Way to educate your child sexually

The love for children and his desire to explore things on sexual development, maivaga parents and them a confusion that is tinged with shame. An old question restored with the birth of every child, including when to manhood or womanhood.

No words alone!

It could be embarrassing for parents, but the son’s interest and mental health is important, and what happens if we knew that 99% of boys and girls masturbating! That is why studies focus on these steps.

1. confirm that your child to create a special relationship between the opening and it is based on love and affection and empathy and sharing feelings and good sensations
2. between 2 and 7 years, talk with your child the simplified tale seem to life; that the divine power is to combine the bodies of the father and mother, had a child and shows

3. turn your child in order to respect the privacy of the relationship between the parents and make a place for him since he was born, until he feels his being and its parent entity respects, snoops and don’t invade

4. get used to look at the link of his parents in the same place during sleep is gradually crystallized ideas to his son that the relationship of his mother with his father is notable and that it is necessary for life.

5 banish the spirit of your characterization of what he thinks of the love of wood and the feelings between you and his father, a defect or aversion and to explain that this intimate emotional Exchange is the main reason why it was

6. eyes on the first sexual information should come from inside the House and my son after that until he learns and knows without shame or fear. “My mother spoke before sex. »

7. balance between educating your sexual information of the child and define pregnancy and associated ethics of sex and sexually transmitted diseases

8. tell your child to daycare that preserves the spirit and the only sexual organs its own regions, all share or that denigrates a nude

9 sex education for your son or daughter a sword sharp: he learns and understands the differences between men and women and how the children come from and why be excited looking at. Or touch. And in the second part of the two parents meet the spirit of the son and the depletion of energy sport study and cost responsibilities; not even be your motivation for exercise errors

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