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Lighten the pores of the skin

Our dreams is smooth skin, bright, but it was boring, that the opening does not understand why or how it reduces them Almahr.ouma so this is inevitable, as long taken a traditional skin beauty of our pores caution.
Pores open: Why?

Open the pores of the skin, making breathing and refused sebum and Aerq.almhklh are, sometimes they clog and create black spots or button.

expands the pores, for several Ospab.oola, because the heat of the sun, in general, the “open” the pores of the skin.

use in the bathroom or skin before preparing a mask, but in everyday life completely Alaqbihh.usat also when they do not often steps makeup before going to sleep at night, when large amounts of alcohol, tobacco, and we have the strength or drought also make – up, or when we use is not suitable for skin care Gavh.allantij: T region and part of the bones of every affubl é es unsightly open, then we all dream of peach skin.

in the summer, you should be more vigilant, and we try to find the Black sun, we’re fine, his skin Saudae.olkn at home, the results do not Eksah.la care and prevention, we have blackheads and acne pores opened because there are fun heat time can be Tsd.andma oily skin or mixed, of course, this is inevitable ……. difficult the flow of sebum, dead cells and impurities in the expansion of the pit cavity, pimples and love Alchaabab.last produce very beautiful! a
move aimed at expanding the pores of

your makeup: the first thing you need to do every day, no mistake, this is a make – up in the last day.

not necessarily wait until sunset, over her skin of normal breathing.

hygiene: after cleansing, should not be neglected cleaning the skin appendant Almaiah.ros objects, cinnamon, lavender ……. they have certain characteristics.

– remove: remove dead skin and rub the week impurities in the pores. in

order to be effective , it can track the green clay mask with depth.

– treatment: skin need to take care of this ……. serum emulsion or pungent will tighten pores, and thus invisible.

– moisturizing: We will not be repeated enough to moisturize the skin, it must be in the morning and evening special day cream or night …….

drinking water and internal moisture.

– camouflage: Finally, most of the holes, if there is not enough to promote and maintain a very clear, and we can rely on liquid foundation or BB Cream influence of a mysterious hole shot. annual

income of

care, you can also use natural products, biological and create a latex mask House.

honey and lemon

tablespoon of honey and lemon juice is ideal mask deposits and tighten pores. the

lawyer, olive oil , a

lawyer and meat mixture tablespoon of olive oil can nourish the skin, it has all the vitamins bright …….

yogurt and honey

mixture of yogurt and honey until 20 minutes to stop the expansion of the pores valuable assistance.

egg whites ,

egg flipped over on itself on the skin and remove toxins, remove impurities hinder enlarged pores.

these revenues more effectively, we recommend using the products or raw materials vital clean the skin gently with warm water mask, rinse, and then with cotton soaked in water the flowers

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