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Your kids and various vaccinations against viruses

Sometimes it looks like a list of vaccinations your child needs is just longer and longer. Measles? Check., chicken pox? Choice. Hepatitis a and b? Yes, that too.
But there is a vaccination, many children are missing on:. Vaccine human papillomavirus (HPV), which is recommended for girls from 9 to 26 and boys aged 9 to 15, according to data from the centers of disease control and prevention only 40 percent of girls and 21% of boys had received three doses of the vaccine, ideally closer to 100%, even if the said number Paul Offit , Director of the vaccine education center and the therapist doctor in a hospital of Philadelphia children.,.
Roll up the sleeves on this one is so important and why: “HPV” vaccine protect against various cancers in both sexes caused by HPV, including cancer cancer of the cervix, vulva and vagina, anus and throat, in addition, it prevents cancer of 29 000 to 30 000 cases per year – and 5 000 death, Offit says. If you choose that a vaccine prevents more deaths from cancer each year, of the HPV vaccine, he said. In fact, the spread of HPV, the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United States fell by 64% since vaccines recommended by the CDC recently 10 years, according to research.

Explosions, might be reluctant to fire because they feared that the vaccine against HPV and encourage the youngins for sex., but finds the study of 2015 published in JAMA internists ‘than girls ages 12 to 18, many parents vaccinated at the same rate of sexually transmitted diseases, such as those who are vaccinated, which indicates that the fire does not promote sex after all. And FYI, you must vaccinate children before the end of the first episode of intercourse, Offit said.
Summary: when it comes to your children, taking the HPV vaccine only seriously you get other vaccines., if you’re scared to have a conversation with your teen, don’t worry: your document, you must not mention gender at all. When we give, we say not how often transmission, Offit said, if you feel the need to tell a young child what peaks, telling them that they were a common cause of cancer – enough said Offit

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