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What to do to help adolescent girls?

First, we must recognize that we have to work at the level of the whole of society, not only in the health sector, where adolescent health remains untapped and uninterested.

Recently, the World Health Organization launched a global strategy for women’s and children’s health and the teenager, who, for the first time, recognizes that the world should respond to the unique health problems of adolescent girls with other partner organizations. If we fail, we will not achieve global targets to 2030 in the United States in September.

Our research shows that investments to reduce 10% of child marriage would drop more than two thirds of deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth. An important first step in enacting laws under the minimum age for marriage, as she did recently in some countries, including Malawi.

It should provide free and compulsory education for girls, because we know that education and in particular investments to enable girls to complete secondary school-can delay the age of first pregnancy and improving infant mortality.

Laws alone cannot prevent girls 37 000 to become married children every day and did not protect girls against FGM 30 million in the next decade. You must work all sectors of Government and society together to keep girls in school system, giving them jobs and help change cultural norms. New global strategy, if achieved their objectives fully, and make sure everyone can participate.

Secondly, to ensure the retention of girls in good health when they become women, we need global standards for adolescent health care followed by all countries.
Currently, health care services in most countries that do not meet the special needs of adolescent girls who are in rapid physical and emotional development stage. In cooperation with UNAIDS, who developed the first global standards for the quality of health services for teenagers, who aims to help the country to provide services tailored to the needs of adolescents.
When girls become sexually active, they need a set of integrated services, which include contraceptives in particular, access to safe abortion services and within the law, and installation managing consequences of unsafe abortion, and detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and care of acts of sexual violence. But above all, they need confidential health services that meet their needs perfectly.

We know that mental health problems can be negatively affect sexual and reproductive health, and vice versa. Today, the main cause of depression to disease among girls aged between 10 and 19 years old, suicide is the leading cause of death for girls 15 to 19 years. It’s for us failed when a girl looks at him self destruction as the only way to deal with the situation.

In addition, health services must be free or cheap price and condition of health professionals who are trained not judge, to provide health information to suit young and friendly attitude

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