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My husband does not listen to me what is the solution?

Kind of satisfaction

If the sensation is repeated misunderstanding indefinitely in our relationship, or in different relationships to bear, it is always a sign that played something for us, and we are not for nothing in what we can complain. “We find some sort of satisfaction, decrypts Valery Blanco. The questions we should ask ourselves then: “what secondary benefits which we can find? And then, what is the relationship we have with our own words? “We often partly heard and understand the other side, but when we experience at all, not to believe in our own the word in question. The amount of weight we give him? And dare we really, when we talk to each other, expressing our desire?
Keys: drafting and redrafting, dare to ask what else heard what was said. “Over time, we’ll notice that may not understand what we mean, assure herail eye. I needed it again and explain our position. The challenge to make the couple to sign a confession to another space. “Which means stop stay blind to yourself, through fear of losing the other, because the word says nothing of the United States, which did not necessarily coincide with what he wants to hear,” he concludes. ” Talk and listen to me, therefore, “wrote the poet Francis Bong for Malherbe (Gallimard). Speech and language identity. To listen to the other, feel alive.
To hear in bed
Reach agreement on intimacy, referendum Héril rare and more symbolic Word eye technique.

“Sexual activity is the place where it is possible to search in case of mutual dependence. It is a place of silence, avatar, Exchange on another site. Take the ferry from a different tone in this window. I’m not convinced that the apartment and ask like “touching me like this or that” can convert reports. Better to use gestures, using his body and hands. This language is round, more of each other. One often blame each other, and also introduces her sexual universe. I recommend to stop opposing, that every description of his fantasy world, and he published it verbally, but not technically. This will get other things; you may be able to develop common ground. After that, it is also possible to be completely formal, giving dates: one night for one, another partner. In General, keeping things to soften and couples

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