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Tips for pregnant woman

There are not only of gynecologists and midwives who can trace the woman pregnant, practitioners also. Enjoy!

Nine out of 10 GPS believe that follow a pregnant woman who is not in jeopardy, an integral part of their work. Study the Directorate of research, studies, evaluation and statistics.
General practitioner: he sees the pregnant woman once every three months.

In fact, 57 per cent on average, pregnant women once every three months. The reason for this consultation? Various: vaccines HIV/AIDS, Trisomy 21, fasting, fatigue and cold.
And only 24 per cent of pregnant women consult their family doctor for prenatal consultation.
Young doctors more involved

He studied the new generation practitioners more obstetrics and Gynecology during their studies. As a result, more inclined to follow the future mothers. What is a good thing, especially in desert areas.

Continue to encourage practitioners care for pregnant women because they are generally close to home, and we offer a quick history.
Health evokes her difficulties and fears.

High Authority for health (has) identifies four goals for prenatal care:

Access to women and couples;
Help them trust;
Coordination between the different stakeholders;
Enhancing the confidence of patients in the healthcare system.

The early prenatal care?

And professional childbirth and prenatal care. You may have a family doctor or gynaecologist or midwife.

This training must be predetermined. About the place, can PMI, interview, in private or in places to prepare for birth.
Must be done as a couple?

Yes it is better, if possible, both parents are present. They expressed their expectations and doubts and fears.

Through exchange of views and concerns, we can identify possible weaknesses in project work

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