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Ways of child care

You have lots of energy and love children! Many deals to work with them in very different sectors. Educate, heal, protect, or to dismiss: professional scientist and public choice, infants, children or teenagers.
Many deals to work with children in very different sectors: education, welfare, child protection, or games.

There are people who find it fun to explain seeing others evolve and develop. They are found naturally in the universe. School in kindergarten or elementary school teachers and university professors specialized in one specialty in college or high school, but also professionals who have chosen their skills to serve children and adolescents: a notary, Advisor for guidance-psychologist, school psychologist.

In kindergarten, the teacher involved interpolated for toddlers in the awakening of less than 6 years.
For many, the cure, healing and that if doctors: pediatrician, general practitioner for children and obstetrics-gynecology who brings babies with the midwife and all practitioners who choose to work with children, as the psychiatrist who treats mental suffering in the world.

Treat, it also can correct and improve diction (speech therapist), teeth (teeth), and eye muscles (aurthobtist) or behavior (motor).

Finally, for early childhood professionals (childcare, maternal Assistant), babies, cuddling in the hospital or in nurseries.

To protect children, major trends 2: employment and social justice. Choose to work in these two universes is to decide whether to face the dark side of life: abandonment, abuse, divorce, bereavement, delinquency, etc.

Follow social professionals, each in his field, youth and their families on the ground or in specialized centres.

Is a team effort that requires external expertise (psychologists).

In a legal framework more juvenile court judge and educator of beige with target and protect young people in danger, take action and follow him when he committed a crime.

Why not express his desire to work with children and another passion: reading, sports, game shows, nature?

Then go to the universe of animation, artists, sports screens. A wide variety of professions ranging from entertainment to sports world through culture

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