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Early Childhood and handling stage

There are a large number of occupations in the early childhood sector. Some are related to health when touching others more education and social development. Similarly, some are accessible after short when other courses needed
If you want to work in contact with children at an early age, many functions in the areas of education, entertainment, health, or social can help you. The early childhood sector bode and many jobs should be free by 2020, the date of birth of children will begin to decline. Panorama of these professions and training to reach.
Character education and social

Work with young children above all support them in their development and their education. The various professionals involved in this context.
Educators of young children

They work with children aged from 0 to 7 years, often into the early childcare facilities (crèches, kindergartens, leak, etc). The goal is to support children in awakening and then in stage of development and growth. It stimulates their curiosity with workshops (reading, games and exercises, etc.). And also to identify potential Pro
Nursery assistants
Keep child custody assistants (from 0 to 3 years) parents who are due to work. Go to the home of the latter, which is charged with ensuring the welfare and safety of children. They take care of the toilet for meals and snacks, and they concoct a variety of activities, etc. Beyond these basic tasks, also Mothers helper role participating in the wake of the child is the introduction of rules of communal life.

Kindergarten Assistant, would be necessary to obtain the approval of the General Council and complete 120 hours of training. There is no diploma. However, brings small kids Cap a solid foundation can be critical in order to practice these acts
Health care jobs

Many health professionals decided to devote their careers to young children. If you dream about doing one of these occupations, here is the master.
Nursery nurses

Nursery nurses choose to specialize in medical care for infants and toddlers. In addition to these, they must show great teaching to educate parents who may need to repeat their actions only once. Nursery nurses work primarily in hospitals or maternity (nearly 50%). The other half were sent between mothers and child care centers, health care centers, leak or nurseries.

Candidates must have to become a nurse, rehabilitation care nursery (Bac + 4). This degree is in one year following traditional training to become a nurse

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