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Tips for marital happiness

Today couples in trouble. How to interpret it is having after myself also this trap doubles describe: couples where love is dead, omnipresent, but where the partners are still together?
Major current problem is difficult to abide, by agreeing to give up part of his freedom. Today a simple inconvenience sometimes become excuses no longer support and leave. But this conceals a different reality: marital commitments which stretches the couple drowned while being upset. These conflicting facts point two, we find women. On the one hand, they are already more divorced. It is true that men grow them often: when the couple moved well, they’ll generally stay longer outside, never get locked in silence and move about without breakage, so their companion separation law. On the other hand, trapped women more often marry men, unable to leave their husbands. This shift with the current picture easy and fast breaking also aggravate their suffering. Many say they suffered from a lack of understanding of others, who told them: “you don’t have that, and simple.

This loss of energy is a very important element. Go, there’s a lot! There is also insurance, because it’s not just a change of scenery. There are material difficulties, children and a lifetime to rebuild. Another identity, other subjective invention. They are often a source of concern: these women are wondering what they will become. They are afraid of the future, and loneliness. They have low self esteem themselves on a daily basis, are continuously deform, drastically reduced their companion. However, in a spirit of sacrifice: this woman doesn’t owe their dream of romance and keep hoping that things will get better eventually. On the other hand, they feel a strong desire for freedom which makes finding something of optimism and energy. But most of the time, they will postpone the leave. It would be “common” or “when children would be greater.” When you get to this history, spirit of sacrifice and usually recovers energy disappears.
What is the profile of this woman trapped?
There are several degrees in the trap of marriage. Some are relatively light trap, “Golden”: is the material comfort that prevent them from leaving. In other cases, the suffering that they may have suicidal thoughts. Generally, women have a 30-40 years, children at young age and develop in modest environments. Some cannot be because they are not financially independent. But there are also other settings, much younger women are affected and older women, who have managed to leave

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