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Women are at risk of alcohol

Today our topic is important and dangerous as we will talk about the dangers of alcohol for women
Both pharmacologic and psychosocial treatment for AUD have shown evidence of significant benefit and are therefore included in clinical practice guidelines. Clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of alcohol use disorders detail recommended assessment and treatment practices, but these guidelines are not gender-specific, with the exception of screening instruments. For example, the commonly used AUDIT—which screens for excess alcohol consumption, drinking behaviors, and alcohol-related problems—utilizes a higher score for men than for women to meet criteria for presumed AUD. (A screening tool, by itself, does not provide a clinical diagnosis.)
After screening nearly 14,000 citations, we found a total of 23 studies that met our inclusion criteria. For one additional study that did not report findings by gender, conducted among active-duty Army personnel, the investigators shared their data, bringing the total to 24 studies. Thus, the most noteworthy finding from our review was the small number of trials that assessed gender differences in treatment effectiveness. The bottom line is that there are insufficient data to determine whether men and women respond differently to AUD treatment and whether different treatment approaches are needed for women.

Now What?

Although prior studies included far fewer women than men, pooling data from those studies to assess gender differences in treatment compliance and response is an efficient way to start to address this question. It would require that investigators share their clinical trial data containing demographic variables including gender. Without knowing whether recommended treatments for AUD are effective for women, women are vulnerable to the consequences of alcohol misuse; and while being homebound may reduce the danger of driving home drunk from a restaurant or bar, the problem of alcohol abuse can worsen behind closed doors.

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