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Advice for parents on treating teenagers during parents’ divorce

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today, the topic is directed to you, it is tips for how to deal with teenagers in the event of divorce if the separation took place between you
Your teenager may start exhibiting marked behavioral changes. It is better to deal with those behaviors right away rather than have that escalate or become a pattern. When my son became sassy with a teacher who was similar to his father, I was called into the school immediately. My son and that teacher talked about his disrespectful behavior. Although divorce is not an excuse, the teacher listened to what was a trigger for my son. Now when they bump into each other, it is as old friends.
Is your teenager’s behavior erratic? This could indicate alcohol or drug use: they may be self-medicating while trying to numb their emotional pain. Do they wear long sleeves all of the time? That could indicate cutting or track marks – or bruising from bullying – and the long sleeves are hiding scars and contusions from you.
It is less traumatic if teens do not have to keep explaining the situation to teachers, coaches, and so forth. As a school nurse, it was embarrassing for a kid to ask if their testing result was for their mother or father. I quickly made an extra copy so they each had one. This did not have to happen.
Teens I spoke with felt uncomfortable when their parents’ dates turned into sleep overs. This is especially true when the divorce has not yet been finalized. Several adolescents became angry when their father presented his new girlfriend and said they were already a couple. When one of the lads pointed out that he was still married, the encounter turned nasty.
This includes without your smartphone in sight. It can be easier to open up when doing side-by-side activities, such as taking a walk. These older kids may not want eye contact when expressing difficult thoughts. It is easy to get caught up in the trauma of one’s divorce and be significantly less available to offspring. Make sure you get breaks and support, in order to be there for your kids. If you are burned out, you will be a less effective parent

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